Head of The Wrocław Cultural Department Mr Broda 2015

Social Affairs Department Municipal Office of Wroclaw Recommendation   The Department of Culture fully supports the educational and artistic actions of the Association “Artysci Na Bruku” and the Teatr Na Bruku formation. The Teatr Na Bruku and the “Artysci Na Bruku” Association are being active in the cultural and educational activities since 20 years. Their… (read more)

Mr Gawroński recommendation

Marshall Office of Lower Silesia Department of Social Affairs Resort of Culture Ul. Ostrowskiego 7, 53-238 Wroclaw DS.K.503.32.2013Wroclaw 17 of April 2013   Recommendation   The Association “Artysci Na Bruku” (1998) and the theatre Teatr Na Bruku (1992) are one of the cultural creators of our region, who are highly recommendable. The founders of… (read more)