Charlie the Dishwasher

The performance is a tribute paid to Charlie Chaplin, whose work became an inspiration of the spectacle. It is also an amusing reflection on the fate of an artist in the world destroying personality and degrading art.


K.S. i P. z pałą -CH.










“… though I’ve visited a good part of the world and I’ve seen many performances, I have never seen anything like “Charlie the Dishwasher” … multidimensional, actual, amusing, strong from the professional point of view …”

Zenon Zegarski, International Festival

“Actors without limits”, Kudowa


Script, stage manager: Bogdan Michalewski & Marek Oliwa


Cast: Bogdan Michalewski, Marek Oliwa, Dariusz Lemieszek,  Marek Królikiewicz (Romuald Popłonyk), Justyna Piotrowska


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