Bongo & Congo

The clown Bongo rejects normal lifestyle and its values – the so called rat race. Bongo organizes his life in such a way, to be totally independent. He declares war on aspects of today’s civilization. He cleans his surroundings with great passion. He ‘exterminates’ plastic and metal litter, like shopping bags, bottles and cans. And, in this, we see a metaphor for today’s consumer society: the impossibility for it to be re-established to its natural order. In his actions Bongo uses very unusual equipment. This comprises a mobile workshop combining a trolley for collecting rubbish, a dining-room, kitchen and a bedroom. It is Bongo’s way of looking after the spiritual and practical down-to-earth way of life. Like all of us, Bongo is searching for the most important values in life: friendship and love. But fate naturally changes human plans.

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Bongo has decided to choose the clown’s way of life, to run away from the dangerous grip of civilisation. But, even with this, his life isn’t easy. Luck delivers to him a big prize – a gorilla in a cage. When Bongo sees how unhappy the gorilla is, he decides to take care of the poor and lonely animal. The performance is presented in the convention of a comedy from the silent movie the era. It is full of slap-stick, jokes, and audience interaction. With its simple vitality – the performance captivates, makes us laugh and prompts us to take part in this unusually touching event.

„ …Although no word is said – the performance inspired by silent cinema attracts and entertains the audience”

Newspaper: „SŁOWO POLSKIE”, Beata Pawłowicz


Cast: Dariusz Bronowicki, Piotr Koczapski, Dariusz Lech, Dariusz Lemieszek, Bogdan Michalewski, Marek Oliwa, Jarosław Paczkowski, Justyna Piotrowska (4 – 5 persons)

Script and stage management: Bogdan Michalewski, Marek Oliwa

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