Mr Gawroński recommendation

Marshall Office of Lower Silesia

Department of Social Affairs

Resort of Culture

Ul. Ostrowskiego 7, 53-238 Wroclaw


17 of April 2013




The Association “Artysci Na Bruku” (1998) and the theatre Teatr Na Bruku (1992) are one of the cultural creators of our region, who are highly recommendable. The founders of both unities (and among them: professional actors, pedagogues, trainers, directors and others) take systematic actions against the growing cultural exclusion since many years.


The main goal of the theatre and association is giving back art and culture to the excluded social groups and preparing them for the high art reception through cultural education in the form of theatrical (therapeutic) workshops for all age groups.


The last realised project of the group in the cooperation with the Marshall Office of Lower Silesia “Believe in Yourself – homeless in the Teatr Na Bruku” is an art therapy programme, supporting the social come-back of the homeless person. Despite the fears, that this form might be unsuccessful, the workshops connected with a spectacle turned out to be a real success in activating the homeless. The amount of the participants and their interest in the continuation of the workshops shows the need of this social integration and overcoming homelessness form.


What makes the association “Artysci Na Bruku” so special, is the missionary approach to the integrative processes, through reaching the wide audience of endangered and already excluded social groups with their educational and cultural offer (in this way the association builds up the cultural identity of Lower Silesia, among others through the spectacles “Arrival of Marianna Oranska, the Lower Silesian Hero of 2010”; “The History of Wroclaw, Lower Silesia and Poland”).


Both the Association and Teatr Na Bruku do not fear difficult challenges and organize interactive spectacles with theatrical workshops in places, that are not associated with theatre at all (in forgotten backyards, on the city and village streets, in the relief centres for homeless, special schools) or localities placed far away from cultural resorts. Thanks to the universal form (happenings, “silent cinema” convention) it is understandable for each recipient and it serves not only for cultural education, but it also fascinates and activates to take part in the therapeutic workshops.

The therapeutic power of art during the workshops allows the participants to build up their self-confidence, improve their auto-presentation skills and helps to deal better with stress, that results from the modern life style.


Thanks to the initiatives of Teatr Na Bruku and the “Artysci Na Bruku” Association the social bondages and the sense of identity with the local society are being constantly developed.


The achievements of this group are worth appreciation as well for the social engagement, as for the high level of the presented material and its popularity.

Head of the Department

Jacek Gawronski

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