Head of The Wrocław Cultural Department Mr Broda 2015

Social Affairs Department

Municipal Office of Wroclaw



The Department of Culture fully supports the educational and artistic actions of the Association “Artysci Na Bruku” and the Teatr Na Bruku formation.

The Teatr Na Bruku and the “Artysci Na Bruku” Association are being active in the cultural and educational activities since 20 years. Their pro-social projects, based mainly on theatre, fulfil perfectly the idea of education and a constant development of the cultural competences of the Wroclaw habitants. Teatr Na Bruku realizes its projects not only in the representative parts of the city, like for example The Old Town, but also in the backyards, on the settlements, in schools and outside the city. Both the theatre and the association function bipolarly – on the one hand through creating and presenting theatrical forms (self written, interactive spectacles in the “silent cinema” convention) mainly outdoor – in different localizations in Wroclaw and addressed to a wide audience, on the other hand through professional, educational classes dedicated mainly to the environments endangered of social exclusion. The activity of the association and the theatre are yearly supported by the municipality of Wroclaw, based on grant agreements.


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Head of the Department

Jaroslaw Broda


Department of Culture

Old Town – City Hall 7/9, 50-101 Wroclaw

Phone : +48 717 77 83 54

Fax : +48 717 77 86 94



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