Meetings with the Teatr Na Bruku – “Teatrum Mobile – spectacles and theatre workshops”- cultural education for children and youth

The projecpodwórka-001t „Meetings with Teatr Na Bruku” is a theatre education, which mixes fun, creative activation and integration of different social and age groups. It is based on different activities, which basic goal is preparing the participants for understanding art and taking part in it.

The actions are pointed to children and youth from families with a low financial status, from environments endangered with social exclusion (such as poor districts of the cities or small villages with no cultural centres) and to disabled young people. The project encloses also people from other age groups and environments. As the theatre is very multidimensional and interdisciplinary, we consider this kind of education as the best realization form of our task. In the theatre all kinds of talents and skills are useful and fulfil each other perfectly.

As we believe, that only complementary actions give lasting effects, we offer the following activities: Outgoing Educational Spectacles combined with the theatre workshops ABC of Acting. Each one of our Outgoing Spectacles and Workshops is made of two parts: the workshop ABC of Acting based on the staging “Jerry unkempt as h should be” or “The fly” and the presentation of one of our interactive spectacles: „Charlie Dishwasher”, A Photographer”, “The giving tree”, „Bongo and Congo”, “The carol singers of Teatr Na Bruku”, “The History of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia in a funny way, part 1. The Piasts, part 2. During the Czechs”.

Grzebień i Szczotka Złapali Jerzego

During the workshop the participants learn how to build up a theatre scene using recycled materials and take part in the staging with professional actors. Every time we meet with our recipients one-, two- or three times and teach them acting in different theatre conventions (drama, pantomime, puppet show, radio acting, live-acting). With the help of different specialists: directors, actors, musicians, plastics, the spectators participate in the event and get new skills. They learn how to cooperate with other people (from different social environments or in different age), discover their hobbies and develop  their potential.

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