Intergenerational Workshops “Crashes” – Theatre Against Exclusion

WARSZTATY LILIJEThe recipients of this project are children, youth, parents and seniors from all Wroclaw and surroundings. Through fun and games the participants discover their talent and realize, that they should develop it. And the theatre is the best place for this, as it connects and develops different talents.

In the theatre (as in life) all kinds of skills are necessary and complete each other. The most important are energy and experience. Those are two values, which are possessed by apparently completely different social groups – youth with a lot of energy and seniors with knowledge and experience. Without knowledge of life and experience it’s impossible to create a convincing role, but without energy it’s hard to reach the viewer – that’s why this is a perfect combination.

The theatre workshops teach how to express the feelings, present yourself, work in a group   and create good sense of humour.

LIlije Prorok i Pani LekkiePróba Lekkie

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