Building the Cities, Settlements and Villages of dreams

DSCF6830 (Kopiowanie)Building the city of the dreams: the town hall, houses etc, doing something useful for the small homeland and the local habitants.

A series of theatrical events (inspired by the “Orange Alternative of Wroclaw”) : actions, games, happenings and spectacles taking place in the chosen cities, settlements or villages. In each place of the event we build up the next parts of the scenery, which can be put together and present in the final.

The idea of this project is to endure the stagnation and apathy and involve the habitants into the life of their local society. This can happen a.o. through building the mock-ups of the   necessary institutions, buildings – creating the city of their dreams…

Budowanie Miast i Wsi Marzeń Bystrzyca G.

DSCF6771 (Kopiowanie)

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