„The history of Wrocław, Lower Silesia and Poland in a funny way”

IFA series of interactive outdoor spectacles (showing an over 1000-years-old history). The creators from Wroclaw share their own experience of Lower Silesia and Wroclaw with Europe and show the process of building up the new identity of the city and his habitants. One of the main advantages is telling the story of the city and region through showing it’s metamorphoses in an extraordinary way, in which the spectator becomes also a part of the play.

The scenery is build up of a mechanized construction of screens with animated paintings, showing history scenes. What makes play amazing is : the stunning staging, variety of characters, interactive happenings, engaging the spectators in the play, using many forms (live acting, puppets, animated paintings, props, silent cinema convention…), music from the époque, surprising changes of places, actions and time…



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