„We Are Gifted”– theatre workshops

Zdjęcia Dworska 22 maja 2014 008This project is a continuation of our previous project from 2014, which is dedicated to disabled person – deaf and hearing impaired. It relies on activating the participants socially and professionally through theatre activities.

During the project we are leading theatre workshops, at which the participants get the chance to improve their social competences, learn the art of self presentation and discover their unknown talents. The main idea of the project is the activation of our participants through the positive influence of our education and rise their self confidence.

The project starts with a “strong hit” – an interactive spectacle (outdoor or indoor, depending on the weather) for our recipients, which goal is „getting” the heart of the disabled person, encourage them to take part in the event and participate in our workshop. We lead our actions with the „step by step” rule, so we overcome the difficulties slowly and   gradually. Through getting the skills of : body plastics, memorizing scenes and playing the role the workshop participants start to understand, that they have influence on the environment around them, and so – if they can change the art-space, they also can change their own life.

The theatre workshop contains an education programme, which activates the creativity and social skills through fun, interpersonal training and relaxation. In our training programme we use interactive theatre games, basics of acting training, training of proper breathing, working at the role, basics of pantomime, pantomime etudes, psychodrama elements, socio-drama based on Augus Boala’s method, self presentation and anti-stress programme – relaxation based on the Schultz and Jacobson methods. During our classes we register the workshop with a camera to see the progress of our participants and discuss the mistakes and good parts on the next meeting.



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