The team


Dariusz Bronowicki – graduated Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna We Wrocławiu (Wrocław Drama

School), theatre educator, actor (theatre, television, movies), Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych;

National Theatre of Education; ex actor of the H. Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica,

Magdalena Cios – graduated Postgraduate Theatre Studies in Directing Children and Youth,

pantomime actress, theatre educator

Izabella Cześniewicz – actress of the Pantomime Theatre H.

Tomaszewskiego, acrobat, sixfold Polish champion in jumping into the water, theatre


Arkadiusz Cyran – graduated Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna w Krakowie (Cracow Drama

School )– department in Wrocław, theatre educator, actor (theatre, television, movies), ex

actor of the W. Bogusławski Theatre in Kaliszu

Dariusz Lech – graduated Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna w Krakowie (Cracow Drama School )–

department in Wrocław, actor, happener

Klaudia Lewandowska – graduated Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna We Wrocławiu(Wrocław

Drama School), theatre educator , actress (ex actress of the „Arka” Theatre)

Krystyna Koczapska – happener

Piotr Koczapski – happener, actor

Monika Konieczna – graduated Academy Of Arts, actress, mime (ex actress of the Theatre

“Formy”) happener, performer, theatre educator; author of theatre scenography

Mateusz Kowalski – actor of the H. Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre

Andrzej Kozłowski – mime actor of the H. Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre, Multi-
intership in alternative theatres

Bogdan Michalewski – graduated Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna w Krakowie

(Cracow Drama School )– department in Wrocław, actor (theatre, television, movies),

scriptwriter, director, choreographer, producent , cultural and social activist, cultural

creator, Co-Organizer – participant of the Wrocław Festival (i.a. „Lucky Man” Arsenał 2003

– „Wrocław Non Stop”),(„Building The City Of Dreams”) i.a. between disabled children

and teenagers and pathological areas, „Meetings with Teatr Na Bruku” – the backyards of

Wrocław, theatre workshops „Crushes” , juror on many festivals for talented teenagers.

Author of the spectacles „Blessed Czeslaw – Patron Of the City”, „Arrival of princess

Marianna Orańska”, „The Giving Tree”, the series“The history of Wroclaw, Lower Silesia

and Poland in a funny way” ”The Fly”,“George, who couldn’t comb himself”” and the social

campaign „Building the city of Dreams on the Setllemnets of Wrocław” , contribution to

creating the image of Wrocław, i.a. “Wrocławian Dwarfs”.. Ex actor of the Theatres : CK

Norwida Jelenia Góra, J, Kochanowskiego Opole etc.

Co-founder of the Theatre “Arka”.

Co-founder and the president of the Assosiation „Artyści Na Bruku”. Full-time actor of the

theatres : C.K. Norwida in Jelenia Góra (1983 – 1987), J. Kochanowskiego in Opole (1987 –

1989) and others. Founder and director of Teatr Na Bruku since 1992.

Gniewomir Nurkowski – adept actor

Marek Oliwa – graduated Wydział Teatrologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego and

Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna w Krakowie (Cracow Drama School) – directing

department. Director, actor, long term theatre educator, multiple member of theatre festivals

juries. He worked as a direktor i.a in : Teatr Stary in Krakow , C.K. Norwida (Jelenia Góra),

Bautzen (Germany), co-founder, co-director of Teatr Na Bruku and Association “Artyści Na


Jarosław Paczkowski – actor, mime, stilt Walker, direktor, educator. Founder of the theatre

group “Te-O-Ka”. Twenty-year internship in alternative theatres.

Justyna Piotrowska-Gierok – actress, relaxation trainer, personal trainer– Academy of

Physical Education diploma – department of Health Prootiona, WSH (Higher School of

Commerce) –. Management and Marketing .Many years of cultural and social activity poet,

singer – 2 books of poems, 2 albums – author’s „Closer to myself” and „Musical impressions

of the great artists”, international musical and literary project, screenwriter, happener, theatre

educator, sound engineer, vice President of the Association “Artyści Na Bruku”

Alina Proskin – actress, graduated Study of Acting ROE and Artistic Education in

Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa and University of Wrocław

Anna Wojtkowiak-Williams – pantomime actress, member of Liquidmime. Leading

pantomime workshops and clown parades.

Jim Williams – mime, clown, actor, screenwriter, member of Liquidmime. An American

who is living In Poland Since 2007.

Scholar of The School for Mime Theater (1996-2004). Graduated Oberlin College (theatrical

art , direction, pantomime, dance and experimental theatre). He explored the secrets of the art

of mime with such masters as : Marcel Marceau, Bill Irvin and Moshe Cohen. He worked In

hospitals as Doctor Clown for The Big Apple Circus.

He is leading pantomime workshops and clown parades. Winner of many awards on reviews

of cabaret.

Michał Wielewicki – graduated Państwowa Szkoła Teatralna w Krakowie (Cracow Drama

School )– department in Wrocław – actor (theatre, television, movies) , i.a. at the Theatre Ad


Grzegorz Zakowicz -sound engineer, happener, adept actor

Visual artists:

Jerzy Makowski – Visual artist, emitent constructor of the Puppet Theatre (Teatr Lalek)

Ilona Szurkowska – graduated ASP (Academy of Arts) in Wrocław, manager of the art.

Studio at PWSR in Wrocław; costume designer, stage designer

Rafał Kłosiński – Visual artist, happener

Agata Zarawska – stage and costume designer

Andrzej Koczapski – constructor


Dariusz Kownacki – educator, graduated the Music Academy, accordionist


Danuta Podolec – accountant

Regina Onyszkiewicz – accountant


Artur Borkowski – mime actor of The H.Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre, choreographer,