About the Theatre

TEATR NA BRUKU is the artistic formation of “Artyści Na Bruku” Association created in 1992 by Bogdan Michalewski (who graduated from the Theatre Academy in Wrocław) and Marek Oliwa (who graduated from the Theatre Academy in Cracow).

Teatr Na BB. z Wózkiem i z Gruku is a professional outdoor, street and alternative theatre, but also a traditional theatre (through performing the spectacles also on traditional indoor stages).

The company was formed as a response to the lack of interesting culture and art. It is systematically taking actions against the raising cultural and social exclusion. And to show that theatre really can be useful, and can be presented anywhere. Our open air performances are very popular. TEATR NA BRUKU specializes in performances, which reveal aspects of the world we live in, through the world of the silent cinema. Using slapstic, burlesque and improvisation, TEATR NA BRUKU denounces the absurd mechanismes of our surroundings and our lives.


TEATR NA BRUKU uses no spoken language, so it’s understandable for the spectators of all ages, nationalities and cultures.

The company has performed throughout Poland and abroad in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany. It has appeared in major festivals in e.g. Jelenia Góra, Warsaw, Innsbruck, Dresden, Feldkirch… and the Days of Polish Culture festival in Hannover and in Brno, The British Days in Poznań, Via theatre in Goerlitz in 2014, 1000 anniversary of Gdańsk celebration. The company has received prizes and critical praise for their work.

Both the founders of TEATR NA BRUKU have great experience in presenting workshops.


CH.P..-logoUntil this time the organization realized the following performances: in the style of the silent cinema – „Charlie Dishwasher”, „Bongo and Congo”, „ A Photographer”, „Charlie and the Magic Band”, „Bongo as a Shop Assistant”, “The Giving Tree”, „Charlie as an Olimpics Participant” – this are great open air events performed at stadiums, streets and parks. The theatre also offers spectacles with spoken text: „The Party” by Sławomir Mrożek, „The Parades” by Jan Potocki, in cooperation with the theaters : KALONG „The squalid bird of the night” F. Goya de Lucientes – „Caprichos” and “The History of Silesia and Poland”.

Since years Teatr Na Bruku leads cultural and social campaigns for example: “Building the city of dreams”, developmental workshops for every age group. Its main workshops are the “Intergenerational collisions”, “Meetings with Teatr Na Bruku” and “Theatre of Reminiscence”. Through cooperating with homeless and other excluded groups the theatre has converted itself from a mobile theatre to a stationary organization.