1. The Teatr Na Bruku, an artisic formation of the association “Artyści Na Bruku”, exists since 1992

2. The theatre has worked out a unique style, inspired by the silent cinema, known as the “silent cinema convention”. This form of artistic expression fosters a better understanding during international festivals, as it removes the language barrier.

3. The artistic group takes actions against the cultural and social exclusion, by restoring the culture for the excluded: disabled people, homeless, seniors, people living far away from cultural centres, poor, people not having any cultural habits.

4. The theatre is constantly playing happenings, spectacles and events on the territory of Wroclaw and whole Poland, and as well behind the borders: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany

5. The organization has takenpart in prestigious festivals (for example Jelenia Góra, Malta Poznań, Warsaw, Brno, Innsbruck, Hannover, Feldkirch, Dresden, Goerlitz), where it won several prices and awards.

6. Teatr Na Bruku participates in many international events, for example The Days Of Polish Culture in Hannover and Brno, The British Days in Poznan, the celebration of 1000-years of Gdansk and Wroclaw, Euro 2012 in Wroclaw.

7. The theatrehas taken partin several social campaigns (for example „Citizens of Wroclaw in the green” „Backyards of Wroclaw”, „Cultural education for children and youth of Lower Silesia”, participation in creating the mascots of Wroclaw – The Gnomes)

8. The organization has received the Award of Lower Silesia´s Marshal (scholarship) for the Artysci Na Bruku’s association and Teatr Na Bruku’s activities against the cultural and social exclusion. The price was given to the group leader Bogdan Michalewski in 2014